House of Exporters

Creating growth through international trade in Southern Denmark

We are the international trade development unit of the Southern Danish Tønder Municipality (Tønder Kommune). Being located directly at the Danish-German border, we are highly experienced in connecting Central European and Scandinavian partners. And this is why we work for creating growth through international trade through our unique geographical position.

Helping international businesses to Denmark

We are specialised in advising international companies in establishing business in Denmark. We also advise local Danish companies concerning export matters for international markets with a special focus on the German speaking countries.

Networking across Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe

We have strong expert network of public and private organisations that are specialised in international trade across Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. We are happy to share our network and help you finding the right partner for starting or growing your business in Denmark.

Companies in our house

Suatec ApS

Suatec ApS

Hunting Optic ApS

Hunting Optic ApS

Our House

Our organisation is located in a historic warehouse built by former lace merchant and Mayor of Tønder, Carsten Richtsen, in 1779. The house was initially used as a stable building and later as a grain store, and is the original rear building of ‘Digegrevens Hus’ - one of Denmark's finest examples of late baroque architecture with features from rococo and Louis Seize - which today is home to the Tønder Business Council (‘Tønder Erhvervsråd’).